After many months of not really searching for it, I found my little Moleskine notebook today. You know — the one originally produced in France that Hemingway used.  😉 

Like most of my little notebooks tucked in various bags, drawers and pockets, I hadn’t done much with it, though that doesn’t mean I don’t admire its minimalist beauty. 

I did find a couple of quotes sandwiched between lists of books to read and music to buy:

“I fight against the closure of my ability– and I’m not going to let that happen.”

“If you feel in on your skin, you know they are going to feel it the same way.”

What makes these quotes beautiful is the context.  I heard an interview with Bernard Greenhouse, a cellist who practiced his art everyday.  At 92.  Dedication and wisdom.  Two things important for any artistic endeavor, yet easy to forget in a world of multitasking and distractions.   Not that he lectures.  That’s just me admonishing myself. 

I had to google the interview. It’s so worth a listen (and pretty short for you busy folks).

Might have another story about something in the same moleskine soon.  Just not sure if I’m ready to share.