I’m at the part in my novel where I just need to wrap things up. I’m finding it extremely difficult to get started on the last two chapters, even though I have a detailed description of each scene.  I find myself shopping, reading, spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter… I’m sure I’m not alone. 

While scoping out the Blogsphere, I came across Lauren Mechling’s post  Why Wasting Time  is Well Spent at Book Divas where she defends these activities as necessary to the writing process. 

Another point she makes will be very useful to me as I continue the editing process. She suggests asking yourself:

What does your character want and what does she need? Oh, and don’t forget: These two things cannot be the same thing.

Since conflict should be at the center of every story, this bit of advice is pertinent to any type of fiction. Time to type it up and tape it to the computer monitor.