I’m seriously close to the end of my first novel, yet I seem to be paralyzed by procrastination.  I can’t claim that I don’t have the spare time.   At this moment, I have plenty.  Way more than when I wrote the bulk of the novel.  So what’s the problem? What happened to my discipline?

I have about 50K words right now.  My goal for this book was 55-60K.  I have a rough outline of what’s happening next, so I have no excuses.  I know the novel has flaws.  I know it’s not going to fit into the line(s) I had originally planned on targeting (Intrigue or SRS).  It has too many points of view for that, I think.   My hero isn’t a special agent or a cop.  He’s a bartender/writer/organizer.  My heroine is a spoiled little rich girl with a heart of gold.   My villain has a voice and scenes from his POV.  I even get into the minds of some tertiary  characters.  I just don’t think that’s going to fly with those lines.

Yet to stop now would be a mistake.  I have to see this to the end.  My new goal is to match what I wrote today– .about 1300 words–  until I have finished.  Then I can at least say I finished a novel, even if it never sees the light of day.