I rented this from Netflix for my Mom and I to watch together. I think she would have really enjoyed it, but she was never in the mood to watch it.  I remember how she used to joke about Julia Child enjoying her wine.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

I found the movie enjoyable, but a bit uneven.   The film juxtaposes Julia Child’s journey as an American eager to introduce cooking French cuisine to the American public with that of a woman in Queens who blogs about her attempt to cook all the recipes from Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in the span of a year.  Meryl Steep was fantastic as Child, and that is the story that I wanted to see more of in the film.   Streep did a fantastic job capturing Child’s joi de vivre, and I would love to see her play Child in a true biopic of her life.   For example, I know she was a spy before she started her cooking career.  The movie barely touched on her husband being investigated by the McCarthy peeps. I wanted more of that.

That said, it was thoroughly enjoyable.  I’ll leave you with a clip of the real Julia on David Letterman.  Such a good sport, she was.