I think sometimes when you hear great stuff about a film it can backfire.  High expectations can lead to disappointment.  That’s how I felt about (500) Days of Summer.  I kept hearing rave reviews.  Mind you, I didn’t read any of the reviews because too often they give too much away.  But I did glean that it dealt with romance in a supposedly intelligent and quirky way.  Sounded right up my alley.

Not exactly.  In general, the acting was great.  The side characters seemed a little one-dimensional, but I can forgive that.  The main character (Tom) was a tad too angst-ridden  for my taste.   Or, perhaps I’m just done with angsty 20-something characters in indie films.  Or just cranky.  At times, Zooey Deschanel’s character reminded me of a friend of mine that tragically passed away last year.  Some of her expressions seemed so eerily similar that it spooked me.  Maybe, in a different time and place, I would have appreciated this film more.

PS:  Didn’t like the narrator giving away the ending at the beginning either.  I’m not a fan of the voice over.  Just let me watch the story unfold.  Thank you very much.