I finished my novel quite some time ago.  I even edited it and revised some.  Yet there it sits, on my computer, almost ready for submission except for one thing — I need to write a synopsis.

What is it about whitling down a 60K word novel into a 2-5 page synopsis that seems so daunting?  For me, its the idea that it could make or break the novel’s chance of getting published.  It’s the first impression, besides the query, that the editor will use to judge the merits of your story, characters and writing.

So, yeah, I’ve been dragging my feet.  I did read through again, writing a sentence or two on each chapter to help me when I start the actual synopsis.  That seemed easy.  The hard part will be deciding how to put the synopsis together in a way that will attract an editor.  I have looked at a few different sites online, and I think the one I found most useful is  Kathy Carmicheal’s 11 Basic Synopsis Tips.  It really got me thinking about my characters, how their wants and needs differ, and how they’re resolved.  More importantly, she stresses establishing the emotional arc the characters face, not just the action of the story itself.

Even with the expert advice, I’m taking a break.  This shit is hard.