One of the past exercises was to write a letter to yourself and read it in a year.   Since it wasn’t a requirement to post the letter here, I’m electing not to do that.  I actually just sent an email to myself from one account to another, and added an alert to my Google calendar when I need to read it.  Instead of one year, I decided to read it quarterly to see if I’m on track.  Basically, my letter was asking for a follow-up report on things I want to accomplish in the next year.  I figure that would be a good time to evaluate my progress and adjust any goals if necessary.  In other words, hold myself accountable!  I’m not sure if that was the goal of the exercise, but it works for me.

In other news, I will be out of town over the weekend, so it will be difficult to do a post a day.  My plan is to write some in advance and have them timed to post on a particular day (nice feature, Word Press).  The only problem is that even though it’s only been a few days, I’m having a problem coming up with topics.   Many of the prompts don’t appeal to me, such as writing about my beliefs towards capital punishment.  😉