Today is All Hallow’s Eve, a favorite holiday of mine. It’s a day when it’s acceptable to recreate yourself. To be something you are not. A time when even so-called adults can play dress up and escape from reality for a bit. With the right costume, one can be an anonymous observer, if not quite a fly on the wall. The experience can be quite liberating, and I wonder if this is how actors, and to an extent, fiction writer’s feel on a daily basis. When I was a teenager, I used to read novels set in regency England, and it seemed as if the idea of a costume ball wasn’t limited to once a year. Most often, the ball was a device used to create more drama in the novels, yet it begs the question. Would our lives be richer if we had the chance to create alternate personas on a more regular basis? Or would turn into another obligation and lose it’s mystique? Has Halloween already lost its shimmer for you?