I came across this list of Pixars’s 22 Rules of Storytelling today, originated by Pixar’s Story Artist, Emma Coats. While these rules were developed for screenwriting, I believe they can apply to all sorts of storytelling. The comments are also interesting, if you don’t mind scrolling through all the pingbacks.   It led me to the original post by Emma Coats.  I think the list is useful and provides a  bit of sorely needed inspiration, as evidenced by my lack of blogging.  Many people eschew rules, but I look at these as general guidelines–  keep what is useful and ignore what isn’t.  What do you think?  Do any of these speak to you?

The  initial link led me to another blog on a list of 10 Writing Tips by Joss Wheden, creator of, among many things, Buffy and The Vampire Slayer.  Good stuff. Enjoy!